How Electric Fences Keep Your Poultry Safe


Farmers often have the need to control a considerable number of animals. That’s why they often choose electric fence systems because they form a psychological barrier that keeps your animals inside a fenced off area and wild animals away.

The most modern high tensile electric fence models are extremely strong, versatile and relatively inexpensive and they provide both a physical and mental barrier to animals either side of your fence.

How electric fences work

Once animals have touched an electric fence, they will become trained never to go near the fence again. As the animal touches an electrically charged wire on the fence, it will feel the electric shock passing through its body. The electrical circuit is completed because the animal will be touching the ground. If either the electric fence charger or the animal is not completely grounded, the animal won’t feel the shock.

The charger for the fence must have enough power so that it can run the entire length of the area where you require your animals to be controlled. The fence must also be strong enough to take away pressure from animals leaning on it, snow sitting on it and fast winds.

Because the ground itself completes the circuit for the electric fence, you will have to ensure that the ground circuit is properly installed. One wire can be electrically charged with the second wire acting as an earth ground, particularly in areas where the soil is poor which may make the earth grounding conditions poor as well.

Electric fences can lose their shocking power if they are in constant contact with tall grass, shrubs or other conductive objects, all of the time.

Ground rods will always be used so that the wires can be connected to the charger’s ground terminal.

The benefits of electric fence systems

Also known as charged fence systems, electric fences provide a perfect alternative to the extremely dangerous barbed wire fence alternatives. The shock from an electric fence is very short and sharp and is designed to make an animal remember that they were shocked when they touched the wire and to stay away in future. The electrical current is sent as a pulse along the fence wire from the electric fence charger.

Modern electric fences are easy to install and they don’t take much time to complete, which saves on labour costs. The work of planning and installation can be completed by one person and takes a lot less time than installing any form of traditional fencing. If you do have fencing in place already, the electric fencing part of the system can be added to your current installation.

When you compare the costs of installing wooden fencing, barbed wire or a complete woven wire fencing; electric fences cost less. Partly this is because you will need less metal wire and fewer posts to complete the system.

It doesn’t matter if your land is rocky, sandy, standard soil or clay, as electric fences are extremely flexible in the areas where they can be installed.

The installation of an electric fence system around your property is an effective and cost efficient way of protecting the animals that are inside and keeping predators on the outside.

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Sharon writes for Solway Feeders, suppliers of poultry feeders.